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He was portrayed as a stylish, even foppish dandy, a New York bon vivant possessing a highly intellectual bent. The novels were chronicled by his friend Van Dine who appears as a kind of Dr.

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Watson figure in the books as well as the author. Van Dine's first three mystery novels were unusual for mystery fiction because he planned them as a trilogy, but plotted and wrote them in short form, more or less at the same time. After they were accepted as a group by famed editor Maxwell Perkins, Van Dine expanded them into full-length novels. Vance mentions to Markham that he may enjoy going with him on a murder investigation.

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When Alvin Benson is found slain, Markham invites Vance to join him while he inspects the crime scene. A preliminary investigation reveals that Benson was murdered about AM while sitting in a chair in the middle of his living room.

The Benson Murder Case

The murder weapon appears to be a Colt. Benson has one bullet wound in the head.

Click here to see the rest of this review. Benson was a bachelor, but Mrs. Anna Platz, a housekeeper, slept upstairs.